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Assemblies of God Missions-Europe

African Community Leadership and Ministry Training Centre, affiliated with Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

It is our task to Provide training to equip our Pastors, Lay Ministers, and Leaders for effective ministry.

We offer a diploma in Biblical and Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors, Our program presents a challenge to you to be the best possible leader in your church.


Course Number: MIN3033   Credits: 3

Welcome to an adventure in culture. We have filled this course with graphics, life stories, and practical exercises to make it as real and helpful as possible. It explores the missionary’s purpose, character, and challenges of understanding layers of culture and worldviews of various people groups. From the inside out we will practice thinking from the positions of those who are mostly relational, or intellectual,

Course Number: MIN2042    Credits: 3

Welcome to growing into the leader God has planned for you to be. We have filled this course with graphics, life stories, relevant questions, and learning activities to practice as you develop the character and skills you need to lead. This course contains 32 lessons, which are presented in two parts. In Unit 1, we focus on the leader’s character and heart, exploring the characteristics of love Paul exalts in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Above all else, a spiritual leader needs a heart filled with love for God and people. In Unit 2 we take a close look at relationship skills every leader needs in the home, in the church, and outside the church. This course goes beyond presenting content, to structuring every lesson for students to practice and develop the qualities, attitudes, and skills spiritual leaders must have

Course Number: MIN3043   Credits: 3

This course is designed to teach pastors, evangelists, missionaries, teachers, and lay persons a Five Step Method to prepare expository sermons. Students learn to develop the problem and solution parts of the sermon by stating a principle, and then explaining, illustrating, and applying it. We emphasize using illustrations to move truth from the head to the heart.

Course Number: BIB3022    Credits: 3

A thorough study of the seven General Epistles, James through Jude. Examining each of the seven letters includes an analysis of the biblical author, date, readers, historical setting, purpose, themes, special features, and outlines. Also, studying each epistle involves the exegesis and analysis of each paragraph, with an emphasis on the two hermeneutical questions: What did the text mean to the first readers? How does it apply to us? Continuing to the top of the hermeneutical ladder, each lesson identifies timeless, cross-cultural principles for every paragraph of the biblical text. Interactive questions, case studies, and illustrations guide students to evaluate and apply these principles to the situations believers face today.

Course Number: BIB3043    Credits: 3

This is a study of the historical setting, symbolism, and meaning of the last book of the Bible. Related passages in Daniel and other biblical books are explored, interpreted, and integrated. There is a pastoral focus of understanding, illustrating, and applying the timeless scriptural truths of this prophetic book.

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The Assemblies of God Ghana Europe Field Fellowship exists to proclaim the gospel, plant churches, develop leaders, and give support to our mother church in Ghana


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