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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the AoGG  Europe Field Fellowship is to provide an avenue for churches, pastors, and ministry leaders in Europe to work together in unity to advance the Kingdom of God, demonstrating the unity of the body of Christ


Vision Statement:

That Christ will be proclaimed, and His Church will be established in all nations through the power of the Spirit.



Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote an association of Assemblies of God ministers and churches in Europe.
  2. To have the opportunity to foster unity among AG ministers and Churches in Europe
  3. To strengthen and encourage Pastors and leaders through the organization of conferences and seminars; to improve both spiritual and economic conditions.
  4. To have a united front in evangelizing Europe for Christ
  5. To develop Youth programs and organize EU youth conferences
  6. To develop strong Pastors wives association on European level to facilitate a strong bond within the ministers spouses.

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The Assemblies of God Ghana Europe Field Fellowship exists to proclaim the gospel, plant churches, develop leaders, and give support to our mother church in Ghana


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